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Connecticut, CT: 
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Your home should have deadbolts with full one inch bolts on all entry doors. These should be installed on front, back, and side doors in addition to existing locksets.  Another precaution: If your doors have conventional glass panels, consider replacing them with shatterproof glass or with polycarbonate material. You can install deadbolts yourself, with the easy-to-follow instructions and common household tools or you can have a qualified locksmith do the job for you. Even with installation costs, deadbolts may be the cheapest insurance you can buy.


The best locks in the world cannot substitute for caution and common sense. Never admit anyone to your home you do not know. A simple, inexpensive safety device is a one-way door viewer available from almost any hardware store or locksmith. The viewer lets you see who's at your door without that person seeing you. Installation is as simple as drilling a small hole and fitting the device into place.


For a detailed security analysis of your home, contact a bonded professional locksmith who is an accredited member of a national locksmith association. At no cost to you, your police and sheriff's department will be glad to help when needed. Call them immediately if you see, hear or have a good reason to suspect that a crime is being committed. Many law enforcement officers, despite their demanding schedules, are willing to take the time to make a security check of your home and will point out major flaws in your home protection. Crime is everyone's problem and preventing it is everyone's obligation. The next home you protect from burglary may be your own.


1.    Going out of town? Good idea: Give your neighbor your house key to check in on your home. Best Practice: Install a keyless lock and provide a temporary code for your neighbors to use. When you return it can be changed, just to be safe.


2.    Parking your car outside? Good Idea: Make sure your car is locked. Best Practice: Take the garage door opener with you instead of leaving it in the vehicle.


3.    Valeting your car? Good Idea: Do not keep your home address on anything found within your car. Best Practice: Never give your house keys to a valet service, just your car ignition key.


4.    Been living at the same house awhile? Good Idea: Closely inspect deadbolts every six months for tampering and excess wear. Best Practice: Replace outdoor locks with Grade-One deadbolts—or brand new locks—to ensure your home has the best security possible.


5.    Traveling? Good idea: Don’t put your home address on your luggage tags. Best Practice: Put your office address or just list a cell phone number on your luggage.


6.    Coming home late? Good Idea: Have your keys ready so you won’t fumble for them once you are at the door. Best Practice: A good solution would be to install a keyless lock so you do not have to worry about keys at all.


7.    Taking a trip? Good Idea: Leave a car parked in the driveway. Best Practice: Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway to give the appearance that someone is coming and going regularly at your residence.


8.    Hectic schedule? Good Idea: Don’t give specific information about your schedule on your outgoing voicemail or on automated 'out-of-office' email replies. Best Practice: Offer a cell or alternate number on your message.


9.    Is every door secure? Good Idea: Keep the door from the garage into the house locked even if the main garage door is closed. Best Practice: Install and use deadbolt locks on exterior doors leading into the garage as well as entry doors leading into house.


10.     Have an easily accessible back yard? Good Idea: Install a secure fence to prevent someone getting access to your home through your back door. Best Practice: In addition to a fence, plant hardy and fast growing bushes as an extra barrier around the perimeter of the property.


Call or contact us and we will answer all your questions and provide the best solutions for your security requirements.


Call Us 24/7   1-877-315-7976



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